Alexis Kyritsopoulos was born in 1943. He started reading for a law degree at Athens University in 1962 only to drop out the following year. Since 1961 he has been producing sketches, cartoons and political caricatures for the left-wing newspaper Avghi. Between 1967 and 1971 he lived in Paris. In 1973 he settled in Athens where he continues to work as a cartoonist and illustrator. Kyritsopoulos has also designed several book covers and record sleeves, and writes his own stories, which are always inspired by his drawings.

Principal works:

Story with Colours
A Winter's and Summer's Tale
Dress Up, Sweetheart
I Want You to Give Me Something
Little Zoe beyond the Aegean
Every Weekend.



(54 pages, 28.5X21.5 cm., hard cover)
Every weekend is filled with adventure for this father and daughter: going for walks, reading books, drawing pictures, losing the ball up a tree, playing hide-and-seek, enjoying the rides at the fun fair, then losing themselves in the sunset and falling asleep under the stars in the forest, and dreaming ...
Kyritsopoulos's writing is elliptical, leaving the task of narration to the pictures, which convey the experiences and feelings of his heroes with tender simplicity.



Text by Anthi Doxiadis-Trip
Illustrated by Alexis Kyritsopoulos

(64 pages, 14.5X10.8 cm., hard cover)

A beautifully illustrated miniscule gift-book of playful naive poetry to delight young and old alike.

"I want you to give me something."
"You can have anything you like!"
"Anything at all! Anything? Promise?"



The Greek covers of I want you to give me something and Every weekend.