Nikos Platis was born in 1951 in Piraeus. He is known for his unconventional views, his unusually rich knowledge of all things unorthodox and curious, and his amusingly subtle linguistic inventiveness.
Since 1973 he has published more than 10 books.



(536 pages, 21X14 cm.)

This is a personal lexicon, as it expresses personal views. It is both historical and encyclopaedic, as it is based on real documents. It is ecological. It is cinematographic. It is pornographic. And without doubt, it is politically political. It touches on anything that is or appears to be black: black names and beings, black products, black Virgins, black histories, and so on and so forth.
The entries are far from pedantic. Rather, they give the broader picture. The Black Lexicon does not include everything, of course, that could be said to be black.
The 820 photographs that have been gathered together within this compilation of black wisdom did not function in the conventional way that illustrations are usually included in a lexicon, but served to through a humorous light on the entries they accompany, often deliberately turning the tables on the matter at hand.
The 2362 entries that go to make up this unusual Lexicon by Nikos Platis include: jazz, black folk, apartheid, Black Panthers, dark continent, film noir, black sheep, and much more besides.