Dimitris Dimitriadis was born in Thessalonica, northern Greece. He studied Drama and Film Studies in Brussels. It was in the Belgian capital, in 1966, that he wrote his first play, The Price of the Resistance in the Black Market, which was staged by Patrice Chereau in 1968 in Paris at the Theatre d' Aubervilliers. In 1978, he published his first novel, I'm Dying Like a Country. He has since written many works - novels, plays and poetry - most
of which have been published
by Agra.
He has translated works by Genet, Bataille, Gobrowicz, Blanchot, Nerval, Balzac, Koltes, Moliere, Euripides, Aeschylus, Shakespeare, Courteline, T. Williams and others.

Principal works:

I'm Dying Like a Country (1978)
Catalogues 1-4 (1980)
Anthropody. The Assignment.
Prelude to a Millennium
Catalogues 5-8 (1986)
Catalogues 9 - The Terms (1994)
The Beginning of Life (1995)
The Distraction of Animals
Before the Slaughter



(72 pages, 21X13 cm.)

Five. Voices, bodies, mouths. They speak. They begin five times. They end five times. And each time is the first time, and each time is the last time. They begin in order to speak. They end in order not to speak again. In between, they speak as if this is the last chance they will have.
The speaker here is at the peak of his life, and of his death. This is why he speaks. To live and to die. Once times five.
"As it desperately searches for that which does not enter speech, literature is unable to turn its focus from res to verbum. It chooses ellipsis, silence, the smothering of excess words and rhetorical devices. In Dimitriades' monologues language becomes the victim of a sacred - of a bloody - sacrifice that is offered on the altar of the exposed centre of existence."