Alexandros Adamopoulos was born in Athens in 1953. He studied law, stage direction and classical guitar in Athens, and sociology of law in Paris. He has worked for television, was a founding member of the Society of Friends of Yannis Christos, the Greek composer, worked closely with the Museum of Folk Instruments, and was a director of the National Theatre.
His book, Twelve and One Lies (Ikaros, 1992), has been translated into German. The English translation was published in India (Sahitya Akademi - Mar- Apr., 1998, N. Delhi and Samkaleen Prakashan, N. Delhi 1999), where a translation into Hindi is currently being prepared. The Turkish translation was published by IMGE Publications. Margaret Karapanou has translated Twelve and One Lies into French, including the story 'Anna' from Lies Again.



SHORT STORIES (88 pages, 21X14 cm.)

These short stories look simple on the surface. But they hide a complex interior. They leave one with the impression of mutterings and murmurings, though they have been worked with such craft that the reader becomes haunted by their words. Alexandros Adamopoulos talks to us of 'the other side', the 'beyond the here and now' - there where communication is no longer conducted merely with words, but beyond words.