Thomas Korovinis was born in Thessaloniki in 1953.
From 1987-1995 he taught at
the Zappeio and the Central Girls' School in Istanbul.
His Turkish Proverbs (1988),
his translation of Yashar Kemal's Tsakitzis (1994) and his Canal d'Amour (1996) have all been published by Agra.
Other publications include Strapping Lads (1992, Exantas), and his study of the great rebetika singer Sotiria Bellou was printed in Elefteroptypia (1997). Korovinis has also recorded several poetry readings from his own translations of the poetry from the Ottoman Empire (Diagonios Publications), and his activities extend to work in broadcasting, the theatre and music. As well as a singer of popular music he is also an accomplished composer and writer of song lyrics.
In 1995 he was awarded
the Abdi Ipektsi prize.



A NARRATION (88 pages, 17.5X12 cm.)

Fahise Chica is based on the personal experience of Efthalia, an elderly woman from Kerasounta in the Pontos region in Anatolia. It traces a turbulent life which begins around the war-torn Black Sea early in the 20th century and eventually ends up in the bordellos of Constantinople. Fahise is Turkish for 'whore'; Chica - 'girl' is the pet-name her Spanish lover gives her.