Text and illustrations by Nina Papapostolou,
with a foreword by Anthi Haralambi

(288 pages, 24.5X17.5 cm.)


Back in the days when Thessaloniki luxuriated in the cool sea breezes and the heady smells of herbs and spices, Mrs Magda was known as the hostess with the magic touch. Magda could transform the most simple ingredients into the most mouthwatering dishes: cakes, piping-hot spicy meals, exquisite salads and the most elaborate seafood dishes imaginable.
Times have changed; life moves at a faster pace, but Magda continues to work her magic from the other side, standing firm in the face of fast food, microwave meals and processed food.
Mrs Magda was a household name in Thessaloniki in the 50s, 60s and 70's. She now brings all the benefit of her experience and the secrets of her success together in this volume. 210 recipes for marinades, sauces hot and cold, stocks, cakes, pies, pancakes, souffles, pasta, game, fish - the list is endless, combining the best in oriental, Greek and international cooking.
The book includes some of Madga's photographs of receptions and dinners past in Thessalonica.