Auto da fe: an act of faith.
1. A ceremony during which heretics condemned to burn at the stake by the Holy Inquisition in Portugal and Spain were called on to commit an act of faith so as to ensure salvation for their souls in the next life. Generally, ordeal by fire.
2. An act of destruction by fire.

International Parliament
of Writers

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93300 Aubervilliers, France
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No 1 - Autumn 2000, No 2 - Autumn 2001

(280 pages, 22X17 cm.)

Autodafe seeks to re-activate communication where censorship has been put in place and where the Mass Media has taken over control of the word. The journal brings together writers who enjoy wide recognition and writers who are subject to the silence and asphyxiation of censorship, imprisonment or harassment.
The journal aims to provide a forum of communication not only for individuals but also for peoples. It allows people to voice their experiences, it enables the silence to be broken. Cultures and languages threatened with extinction can speak through its pages.

"Writers are citizens of many countries: the finite and frontiered country of observable reality and everyday life, the boundless kingdom of the imagination, the half-lost land of memory, the federations of the heart which are both hot and cold, the united states of the mind (calm and turbulent, broad and narrow, ordered and deranged), the celestial and infernal nations of desire, and - perhaps the most important of all our habitations - the unfettered republic of the tongue...
Our Parliament of Writers exists to fight for oppressed writers and against all those who persecute them and their work, and to renew continually the declaration of independence without which writing is impossible; and not only writing, but dreaming; and not only dreaming, but thought; and not only thought, but liberty itself."

(Salman Rushdie)

It will be published in seven countries: by Agra Publications in Athens; by Anagramma in Barcelona; by Feltrinelli in Milan; by Seven Stories Press in New York; by Serpent's Tail in London; in Portugal and by Denoel in Paris.
The International Parliament of Writers brings together many of the finest writers in the world today. Through the network of cities and refuges that has been created the Parliament aims to develop solidarity for writers who suffer from censorship and persecution, defending the freedom of the written word whenever this is put under threat.