1966 born in Kavala, Greece.
He graduated the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki (Department of Physical
Education) in 1987.
He studied Photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia (1991-93) and attended Plato Rivellis' seminars.
During the years 1993-96 he organized and coordinated the activities of the Photography Cycle of Thessaloniki.
His work has been exhibited in Europe and the U.S.
The Archetypal Images were presented in Thessaloniki and Athens as well as in group shows.

2000. Omonia 2000-A Journey to the Heart of Athens. Text by Philippos Philippou - Photographs by Stratos Kalafatis.

1999. Archetypal Images. 39 black & white photographs with a pinhole camera, by Stratos Kalafatis. Introduction by Plato Rivellis. Bilingual edition.

1990. Ilaera. Poetry by Angela Mantziou - Photographs by Stratos Kalafatis.



(64 pages, 28X23.5 cm.)

Stratos Kalafatis uses the pinhole camera, which brings him to the primitive operation of the camera and the magic way of recording. A daring act because flirting with conceptual abstraction bears the risk of virtually undermining the object that is being depicted. Nevertheless, the pinhole is controlled very effectively and the photographer merely suggests its formalistic peculiarity without any emphasis that could absorb the viewer's interest. Depiction of specific places profits through the antithesis created by the pure and tangible image as opposed to its hazy and solitary rendering. These photographs turn into waves generated from a sea of images, which preexist in our subconscious and seem familiar although unknown. His use of the camera is not to render what we think we know, but to tell us about what we think we don't see.
Plato Rivellis