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Andreas Staikos was born in Athens in 1944. He has written and directed several works for the theatre: Daedalus (1971); Clytemnestra (1974); Karakoroum (1989); 1843 (1990); Olympia's Little Finger (1992) - (French translation: Le Petit Doigt d'Olympias, 1994); Ostrich Feathers (1994), Apple de Milo (1996) and Curtain (1999). His plays have been staged in Paris, Athens and Thessalonica.
He has also translated a great number of French authors of the 18th and 19th centuries, including Laclos, Marivaux, Moliere and Labiche. His Greek translations of Laclos' Les Liaisons dangeureuses and works of Marivaux have all been published by Agra.



NOVEL (184 pages, 17.5X12 cm.)

In Les Liaisons Culinaires, gastronomic delights and erotic intrigue, delicately seasoned with 18th century libertinage are high on the menu. A contemporary Athenian love story unfolds around the mouth-watering recipes served up between its pages. The novel tells the story of Nana, the coquettish heroine with a taste for melodrama, and the games she plays with her two devoted lovers, Dimitris and Damocles. The 17 meals function as more than just the culinary focus of the work; they are an ephemeral art form - food to glut the senses on.

"For some people cooking is a chore. For Nana, it is divine temptation. Unable to choose between the culinary skills of her two lovers, she allows them to worship her with their most delectable offerings. Each menu is so exquisite, that Staikos is unable to resist the lure of exploding flavours and he seasons his prose with the sensuous recipes. This is the most delicious book that you will ever read."
The London Times, December 2-8, 2000

Les Liaisons Culinaires is Staikos' second prose work after Smutty Henrietta (1979). It has been translated into French (Liaisons Culinaires, Actes Sud, Arles 1997), English (Liaisons Culinaires, Harvill Press, London 2000), Dutch (Hoge hakken en peterselie - Een culinaire liefdeesroman, Arena, Amsterdam 2000), German (Kulinarische Liebschaften, Eichborn AG, Frankfurt am Main 2001), Finnish (Herkullisia suhteita, Kustannusosakeyhtio Tammi, Helsinki 2000) and Italian (Ponte alle Grazie, 2001). Translations into Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Hebrew, Hungarian and Japanese in progress. The film rights have also been sold.




French, English, German and Finnish editions of Les Liaisons Culinaires.